Douglas SBD Dauntless.

Spitfire 72"
Mig 1.42/1.44
B25 Mitchell
B17 'Flying Fortress'
Short Sunderland
Avro Vulcan
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Depron Eagle
Condor II e-glider
A-10 Thunderbolt


  This was an exercise in using depron foam, I already had built 'profile' models using depron, but to me they do look rather ugly. I have a calandar showing variours aircraft , and the Dauntles was starring at me for a whole month just willing me to make it. 

So a lot of head scratching, cutting, gluing, and painting later, (plus quite a few words that cannot be repeated here), a reasonable facsimerly of a Dauntless emmerged. (Let me add here that I don't do 'scale models', I do models I think look intersting and to my requirements).

She has flown, quite successfully, and on surprising ly little power.

The motor - I have put in it is a BL4020/08, well it was cheap, looked 'big', and has a low Kv, (I like big props). So far I have had a 15x8 on it and it looks promising on just 3s.

Span is 67", the wing is in three sections, and includes retracts.

Model weight - exactly 4lb
Batteries - two 1800mAh lipos in parallel - (10.1/4oz)
Flying weight - 4lb - 10.1/4oz
Power - a stonking...............20mps or 230watts, , yes she is happily flying on 20amps. (Big and light is so much easier).

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