Condor II (Electric glider).

From a plan by Cloud Models.

   This Condor became the Condor II by getting a new New fuselage with a boom rear section. Flies like....well an electric assisted glider.

My original Condor was a Glider and I decided to power it without cutting the nose to fit the motor, so a bit of lateral thinking came up with a removable power unit of two pusher motors. It worked but I didn't like it very much.

My original Condor, fitted with the twin Speed 400 pusher set-up. The battery pack was in the fuselage and positioned to maintain the CG.

Span - 80"  Chord - 8"  Area
Motor - Magnetic Mathem  
Prop - Folding 9x5
Cells - 3300mAh Nimh 7cell pack
Weight -   

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