Short Sunderland.

Spitfire 72"
Mig 1.42/1.44
B25 Mitchell
B17 'Flying Fortress'
Short Sunderland
Avro Vulcan
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Depron Eagle
Condor II e-glider
A-10 Thunderbolt


Scratch built in Depron foam, 2010.The Sunderland has a certain 'magic' about it, it was big and bulky, yet seek and graceful, as is one model I just felt I was ready for. Having already produced some multi engined models, a flying boat just had to be next.

  The start Well  you have to start somewhere, I started with a 3-view and some ideas, and fiished up with -

On tarmac She first flew off grass, no problem, more than enough power and can cruise on quite a light throttle.

Side on EFR ?, E Flight Ray (eflightray on RCGroups).

The first flight off water had my knees knocking a bit as the wind was blowing stronger than I normally like to fly in, but after a bit of taxiing to see how she handled, (she has differential throttle, so the motors speed up or slow down on each side independently with rudder control).

Span - 90"
Motors - Keda KD 2217/16 brushless, 1050kv. Individual ESC's
Props - GWS 8" x 6" 3 blade
Cells - 2 x 4500mAh 3s Lipo, one for the inners one for the outers.
Weight - 7lb-2oz 'wet', (i.e. flying weight).

Approx current draw is 12 Amps, 145 watts per motor.

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