A-10 Thunderbolt, (Warthog).

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A-10 Thunderbolt


A-10 Thunderbolt O.D. 'scratch built'. The model fairly scale based on a 3-view, Most made from Depron foam.

The A-10 is one of those planes that makes you look twice, I don't think there is anything quite so 'different' to the usual jet shape.

Not being a 'fan' of ducted fans, this one has exposed props mounted just in front of the engine nacelles.

She took some time to get the flight right, (could still need a tweak here and there). The CG was a bit of a guess with that long nose, then there was the engine nacelles, would they affect flight ?, also the thrust angles. All took some sorting, but she now flies nice enough to be enjoyable, (i.e. will get more outings to the field).


Yes, the 'gattling gun' had to be part of the model, perhaps I will try to add sound one day.

Owing to a fairly rough grass field, and to save weight and the problem of fitting them, I decided not to fit undercarriage. Well not quite.

She still has wheels mounted in the wing pods, protruding slightly as in the full size. These are enough to aid her take-off from grass. A small rear belly skid protects the fin bottoms from dragging in the grass and possible damage.

Span - 59.5"  (60" looked too big).
Motors - BL 2208-14 brushless.
Props - 6" x 5.5" APCe
Battery - 3s Lipo 4500mAh

Weight - 3lb - 3oz flying, (including the battery).

Power - Just 240watts total at WOT, (Wide Open Throttle). More than enough for a very spirited flight.

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