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Avro Vulcan

Another Depron foam build. Scratch built but based on the plans for a 48" span version, scaled up and modified to 82" span.

First flight was on 6th June 2016 after waiting and waiting for suitable weather. Problem arose (pun intended), on initial take-off owing to
minimum prop to ground clearance, (my design/build error). It flies off grass.

She flew quite successfully, though required some trim changes and will require some CG testing in future flights.

The glide is quite amazing.

Sorry for no build photos, but this model was something of a pain to build, I should have started properly from scratch with my own design.


Some details -

Elevators, ailerons, rudder, throttle, retracts.

Span - 82"
Motors - Turnigy D2835-9  950kv
Props - APCe 11" x 7" cut down to 10", (that ground clearance problem)
Batteries - 2x 3s 4000mAh Lipos
Flying Weight - 8Lbs - 15oz

Power - 21Amps - 260watt - 7500rpm per motor, (double amps and watts for total WOT power).

I will probably go to 9" diameter 3 blade props.

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