Avro Lancaster.  

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First flight 2nd Sept 2014.

Lancaster     O.D. 'scratch built'.

There is just something about multi-motor models, plus the Lancaster has it in buckets full.

She is scratch built, no plans, just a 3-view and a few guide line drawn on a roll of paper, plus some knowledge from many many years of building models.

The main material is Depron foam, with some structural balsa or ply where deemed required.

Some specs --

Wing span - 98"
Flying weight - 9Lbs - 12oz, (includes the Lipos).
Motors - Turnigy 2217-20 860kv
Props - APCe 10" x 5"
ESC's - 30A HK Blue
Lipos - 2x 3s 4000mAh

Power - Average 15.5Amps 190Watts per motor, (fresh 45C Lipo).

She also has retracts and a bomb bay.

The first flight was perfect, (I can lie as good as any fisherman ;-)  ), actually there is a video that showed everything went Ok, until the hard initial bounce on landing allowed the retracts to fold, (no real damage).

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