Mig 1.42/1.44.

Spitfire 72"
Mig 1.42/1.44
B25 Mitchell
B17 'Flying Fortress'
Short Sunderland
Avro Vulcan
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Depron Eagle
Condor II e-glider
A-10 Thunderbolt


Mig 1.42/1.43 O.D. 'scratch built'. The model fairly scale based on a 3-view, I made changes to the body to ease the build.

This project started originally when I thought about building an F-86 Sabre jet, but using a ducted prop not a ducted fan.
The problem with that one appeared to be the single prop needed to be a fair diameter to power it, so.....why not build a twin.

Looking through the range of twin jet aircraft suitable, and with the 'looks' I liked, narrowed it down eventually to the Mig. That enormous intake was the clincher.

She's built mainly from Depron foam, (very similar to balsa wood in handling, but lighter). The twin motors are fairly small brushless ones. The props are slightly cut down 6" diameter to 5.7", so the fuselage is pretty big.

She has had her maiden flight, quite successfully and looks every bit as impressive in the air as on the ground.

One of my reasons for EDP, as against EDF, (Electric Ducted Fan), was that fans often take a higher current as they are about high speed air ejection. People often fly them quite fast as well. With EDP, I wanted a lower current draw, along with a slower flight, as I like to see the model flying past, (not watch a coloured blur scream by).

  B17 tissued  

.As you can see, it's not exactly a small model, I could easily store the transmitter inside the air intake if I wanted to.

Ready for a first flight  
Now because of the size, it needed to dismantle to fit in my car, this seemed to be the best configuration. The hatch gives me access to the props and motors. There are two 'carbon' spars that the wings slide onto..

Nose art,
                not scale

A view of the underside. There is no undercarriage, it would just add weight, and my flying site is not suitable for small wheels, (roughish grass). The center under-pod contains the receiver, speed controllers, and the flight battery. The two rear once are just to keep it stable when 'belly landing'. You can see that enormous 'mouth' intake that helped me choose this model.

Span - 65"  Length - 74"
Motors - SP 2212-06 brushless.
Props - 5.7" x 4" (Cut down 6" x 4" TGS props ) (Now changed to cut down GWS 3 blade props).
Battery - 3s Lipo 4500mAh

Weight - 4lb - 13oz flying, (including the battery).

Power - Just under 500watts, each motor draws 22amps, (44amps total).

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