Spitfire 72".

Spitfire 72"
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Spitfire 72" span  From a free plan in the Autum Special 2010 RCM&E magazine. Most made from Depron foam.

The Spitfire, although one of the most beautiful aircraft designed, is not normally one of my favorites to build. It has been done so many times, in so many sizes and power systems.

But 'free' part is always worth considering, and as the original balsa and IC power was rather 'heavy' (I my view from an electric flight point of view), I decided to see what it would come out like as a Depron project.

The results are as you see in the pictures. It's not a 'scale' model, I don't do 'scale', only models that resemble a full size aircraft.

She has main undercarriage retracts fitted, but no flaps, I didn't expect the flaps to be particularly useful and just another complication.

Span - 72"
Motor - BL 4030
Props - 15" x 8" APCe
Battery - 6s Lipo 4500mAh, (2x 3s packs)

Weight - 7Lbs - 2oz flying, (including the battery).

Power - 600 watts.

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