Depron models.

Spitfire 72"
Mig 1.42/1.44
B25 Mitchell
B17 'Flying Fortress'
Short Sunderland
Avro Vulcan
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Depron Eagle
Condor II e-glider
A-10 Thunderbolt


The Depron Eagle -

This was my first attempt at a scratch built depron model. I had seen pictures of the EPP Eagle, (a kit), and always fancied another 'bird' having built an Eagle style glider some years ago.

The base of the wing is 6mm, then a balsa spar was added, triangular 6mm ribs, (not many), then a 3mm top skin. The joiner dowel is 3mm carbon rod in ally tubes, the wings butt together and a small piece of clear tape goes across to hold them. The wings are then rubber banded to the body.

Contol is via the V-tail ruddervators, (rudder and elevator), and is very affective.

Span - 59" tip feather to tip feather. Area - approx 4.5sq.ft
Motor - BM 2408-21
Prop -  GWS HD  8x4
Cells - 1500 or 1700mAh Lipo 3s (11.1v)
Weight -  20oz with battery  Wing Loading - just under 4.5oz/sq.ft

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