Sparrowhawk (ARTF). (now sold).

Miles Sparrow Hawk (by Seagull Models) (2010). 


I fancied a fairly large aerobatic model that had a bit of character, and feeling too lazy to build my own, purchased an ARFT, (Almost Ready To Fly), kit. It still involves quite a but of 'assembly', so it felt I had put my mark on it.
Seagull Models seems to make quite good quality models.

Electric powered naturally.

Span - 63"
Wing Area - 746sq.ins.
Flying Weight - 8lb : 11ozs.
Wing Loading - 26oz/sq.ft.
Motor - BL4030 Brushless, 385kv
Battery - 6s Lipo, 4500mAh, (2x 3s in series).
Propeller - APCe 14 x 7, - 26Amps, 600watts, 8300rpm.

Flies just how I like it, great fun and can handle the gusty weather I seem to be plagued with. It does have quite a high landing speed so judging the approach is important if you don't want a long walk, as it can float on and on.
Sold, as I want the equipment for another build, the Spitfire.

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