Avro 504k (now sold).


The Avro was built using a very old plan. I have built one before but sold it, this one is much lighter.

Perhaps not scale colours, but when thats all the Solarfilm you have and I like red and black.
Not exactly scale crew either, but Dastardly and Muttley do look right.

  Both pair of wings on each side are removable, no need to remove the rigging and struts. She flies really well, and rudder really needs to be used with aileron to do scalish turns.


Span - 48"  Chord - "  Area sq.in
Motor - Turnigy 2213-22
Prop -  GWS HD  10x6
Cells - 1500 or 1700mAh Lipo 3s (11.1v)
Weight -  2lb - 2oz with battery 

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