Majestic Major. (now sold).

Built from a Ben Buckle plan. Well worth considering their range of plans and kits. 

Just after take off. - The photographer added the 'prop swirl', as the camera originally froze the prop and it looked more like a dead-stick landing.
She is Majestic by name and majestic in flight. Large slow vintage models come into their own on a nice summers day.
The installation of the AXI look a little head scratching as the model was built and covered before I seriously thought about how to.
As there was also a problem with getting the CG far enough forward with that very short nose, and the thought of buying some lead didn't appeal, in went two 7 cell nimh packs. Perfect CG.
The packs can be used individually, 3300mAh, or paralleled, 6600mAh, if I want to fly for a silly amount of time, and as most of the time the throttle is at about a third, that really could be a silly amount of time.

She is beautiful in flight, but a bit of a pig to get in my Honda Jazz. Though the wings are in two pieces and the tail feathers are removable it's still a lot of fuselage and undercarriage to wedge in.

The original motor was the AXI 2820/10 but as I wanted to use that for another project, (Liz-E), for a while I tried using a Magnetic Mayhem and an Olympus belt drive to get a reasonable prop size. It worked, but was a bit marginal on power. On a nice warm day no problem, those big wings just got sucked into the nearest rising air, but on a cold over-cast day it really struggled, so eventually, (I wrecked the Liz-E), the AXI returned to it's rightful home.

Span - 88"
Area - approx 8.45sq.ft, (, or 'enough'.
Weight - 6lb - 7oz flying, (includes the 2lb - 1oz of batteries, so quite a light model).

Latest - Now has a brushless A3520-06, 12 x 8 or 13 x 4 APCe prop, (both work), and is now running 3s lipos. With a bit of shuffling, (moved servos), she is now 20oz lighter. So flying weight is now 5lb - 1oz.

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