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   Last updated Sept 2016.

These are my current models built by me. Click on either picture to see more information.


Scratch built and based on a 3-view, plus a fair bit of building knowledge, and a touch of insanity ;-) a 98" span Lancaster, electric powered and constructed mainly in Depron foam and balsa.



This one is based on a free plan given away in the RCM&E magazine - Special Autumn 2010. The original was designed for balsa construction and an IC engine.
Mine is constructed in Depron foam and powered by electric.

Mig 1.42/1.44

I wanted to build a modern 'jet', but not use a ducted fan, but a ducted propeller.
Well two propellers should be better than one, so.........
She's fairly big, made from Depron foam, and has flown quite successfully, both from a bungee launch and a hand launch.

Mitchell B25

My second big twin, (C160 was first). Scratch Built - '92-'93. First flight - June '93.
Still around and still flying, (occationally), still magic in the air.
Span - 93"  Elevator, Ailerons, Rudder, Throttle, Retracts, Bomb drop.
  B25 original scheme  Mitchell B25
   Original finish              Current finish

B17  The Flying Fortress 

Once you have tried multi motor models the urge to build and fly another is so strong.
Scratch built - '03-'07.  Took a while as I kept getting those head scratching moments where you put it out of sight and build something else.
Span - 100"  Elevator, Ailerons, Rudder, Throttle, Retracts.
   Current status
Early days.                    Ready to go.

Douglas SBD Dauntless

My latest model, (mid Sept 08). Mostly built in Depron, just to prove to myself I could.
Span - 67".

Short Sunderland

A scratch built, (no plan), Depron foam design.Flown off grass and also off water.

Span - 90"
If you're going to build a flying boat..........

Avro Vulcan

Scratch built and based on a plan for a 48" span version, but scaled up to 82" span.
Mostly of Depron foam construction.
Span - 82"

A-10 Thunderbolt

Scratch built in Depron foam, not EDF but with props just in front of the nacelles.

Span - 59.5"

Condor II

A second version of an electric assisted glider, original plan by Cloud Models.
Span - 80"

Depron Eagle 

This is loosely based on the EPP Eagle, but I had some Depron foam to play with.
Span - 59"
Models I have built, enjoyed, but sold, or no longer around.

Link to some of my previous electric models, [Click Here]

Link to one of my old hobbies, something from the 60's, Drag Racing.

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